Devote full-time to band Part-Time Savants


From left: Mason, Jack, Keaton, and Sam.  Photo by Editor.

Local Oklahoma City rock outlet, Part-Time Savants, is a group you may not have heard of but you should definitely familiarize yourself with. Made up of lead singer/keyboardist Jack Vesper, lead guitarist Mason Woodward, bass guitarist Sam Shields, and drummer Keaton Klepper, the  troupe has been creating music since their official inception in 2012.

The quartet has journeyed through an odyssey of live performances, those beginning from their school talent show to a local battle of the bands. As well as stints in ACM@UCO’s Metro Music Fest and in the OKC Farmers Market.

The ensemble’s general sound could be described as the sweet marriage of Arctic Monkeys’ suave rock croon and the Black Keys’ explosive yet sophisticated guitar riffs.

Their contemporary comparisons don’t exactly categorize the band. Within their music is the untamed spirit of rock long thought diminished by modern pop music.

In continuation to their live gigs, they have released an EP, “Weird Color-ado”, as of November 2014 (available on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud). The group still continues to perform together despite some of the band members moving away to attend college and hope to move their shared passion into a full-time position.




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